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Name Captain Telephone Number Postcode
.FIXTURES SECRETARY Andy Beal 077869 62726 OX4 6AW Map
.TREASURER/SECRETARY Kevin Giles 07774 206854 OX2 8NU Map
Ampleforth Arms 'A' Andy Lewis 075854 45121 OX3 8HH Map
Ampleforth Arms 'B' Neil Jackson 07801658790 OX3 8HH Map
Black Prince David Leopold 07817765678 OX20 1XJ Map
Bletchington Sports Club Peter Soanes 077892 34595 OX5 3BS Map
Bullnose Morris 'A' Craig Hambridge 079328 34169 OX4 6SS Map
Bullnose Morris B Paul Sims 07917 336793 OX4 6SS Map
Catherine Wheel 'A' Andrew Painter 07852715186 OX4 4YP Map
Catherine Wheel 'B' Dale Jacobs 01865 580226 OX4 4YP Map
Chequers A Quarry Don Light 01865 762543 OX3 8JN Map
Chequers B Quarry Richard Hathaway 01865 762543 OX3 8JN Map
Cowley Workers Club Mark Burke 073426 43286 OX4 3LZ Map
Cricketers Arms Cowley Steve Dean 01865 718459 OX4 2EZ Map
Cricketers Arms Littleworth Chris Holton 01865 872738 OX33 1TR Map
Democrats Club Francis Delaney 077010 25551 OX2 0OY Map
Donnington Club A Jamie Smith 07738 443421 OX4 4BB Map
Donnington Club B Kevin Morris 01865 - 246144 OX4 4BB Map
Donnington Club C Dave Soanes 077960 17969 OX4 4BB Map
Donnington Club D Paul Turner 0774873 2692 OX4 3NH Map
Duke Of Monmouth Paul Turner 07748732692 OX1 4TA Map
East Oxford Con Club Alan Giles 01865 249644 OX4 1EU Map
Garsington Sports Club Stephen Wyatt 01865 368442 OX44 9EL Map
George 'A' Tony Gillett 07967160229 OX4 4PU Map
George 'B' Darren Walker 0788507 33197 OX4 4PU Map
Gladiators Club 'A' Denis Butler 07919222517 OX4 1SJ Map
Gladiators Club 'B' Martin Giles 01865-247727 OX4 1SJ Map
Gladiators Club 'C' Steve Califano 01865 247727 OX4 1SJ Map
Golden Ball Russell Johnman 07525845017 OX4 4LQ Map
Green Road Club 'A' Terry Lester 07955589312 OX5 2EU Map
Green Road Club 'B' Nick Edmonds 01865 374120 OX5 2EU Map
Headington Con Club Peter Garry 077368 15437 OX3 7BZ Map
Kidlington Football Club 'A' Michael Randell 075286 44553 OX5 1AT Map
Kidlington Football Club 'B' Mick Richardson 07514260062 OX5 1AT Map
Littlemore British Legion 'A' Mike Allen 074425 05811 OX4 4LZ Map
Littlemore British Legion 'B' John Dunhill 078554 24807 OX4 4LZ Map
Marston British Legion 'A' Derrick Lancaster 01865 243991 OX3 0JW Map
Masons Arms A Kevin Duffy 01865 764579 OX3 8LH Map
Masons Arms B Andy Francis 07773 165109 OX3 8LH Map
New Club 'A' Ady Shepherd 01865 873530 OX33 1NJ Map
New Club 'B' John Coles 01865 873530 OX33 1NJ Map
Northway Club A Roy Shelton 07871 724988 OX3 9RF Map
Northway Club B Will Cox 078014 86491 OX3 9RF Map
Northway Club C Ashley Rowles 07769 574208 OX3 9RG Map
Original Swan Nick Green 075484 38819 OX4 2LF Map
Prince Of Wales (Horspath Road) Lee McAllister 01865 - 777649 OX4 2QW Map
Queens Head Craig Disley 01865 875567 OX33 1RU Map
Red Lion 'B' Yarnton Nelson Smith 077103 19739 OX5 1QD Map
Red Lion 'A' Kidlington Lee Anderson 07446673142 OX5 2BP Map
Red Lion 'A' Old Marston Stephen Brandon 079888 90713 OX3 0PH Map
Red Lion 'A' Yarnton Mark Poulter 07774 892295 OX5 1QD Map
Red Lion 'B' Kidlington Scott Wiggins 07791390979 OX5 2BP Map
Red Lion Cassington Graham Mills 079216 99564 OX29 4DN Map
Red Lion' B' Old Marston Phil Wright 01865 247761 OX3 0PH Map
Rose Hill Club Brian Lovatt 078891 03658 OX4 4HF Map
Seacourt Bridge Keith Godfrey 01865 243636 OX2 9JU Map
Six Bells A Kidlington Ady Cross 07921247135 OX5 2EF Map
Six Bells B Kidlington Seamus O’Malley 07500802115 OX5 2EF Map
Six Bells D Kidlington Paul Moss 01865 373107 OX5 2EF Map
Six Bells E Kidlington Paul Smith 077637 736001 OX5 2EF Map
The Blackbird Terry Buckle 07505 735024 OX4 6HW Map
The Swan A Eynsham Martin Herbert 01865 881225 OX29 4PE Map
The Swan B Eynsham Ron Major 07881 247978 OX29 4PE Map
The Swan C Eynsham Andy King 07764 905962 OX29 4PE Map
The Tandem Andy Pitter 01865 735386 OX1 5PG Map
Three Horseshoes John Dunhill 01865 761555 OX44 9DF Map
Tiddington Cricket Club Karen Shepherd 07800718279 OX9 2LY Map
Vikings Sports A David Beer 07931944304 OX3 9HT Map
Vikings Sports B Keith Henley 07551 159277 OX3 9HT Map
Vikings Sports C Martain Wain 07840 618825 OX3 9HT Map
Vikings Sports D Glyn Millard 07831 317753 OX3 9HT Map
White Hart Wolvercote David Rees 07718097598 OX2 8PQ Map
White Hart Wytham Peter O Gara 07968 130361 OX2 8QA Map
White Horse Roy Shelton 07871724988 OX3 7SP Map
Woodman Inn Spencer Buckingham 07805417734 OX29 6TT Map
Yarnton British Legion Ron Axtell 01865 375052 OX5 1LN Map

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