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Week 4

Games played on Wednesday 17th May

Roger Goodall and Pip Goulding both clanged off fifteen dolls (5-4-6) for The New Club ‘A’ as they came from behind to beat The Black Prince 2-1. The Prince set and won the opening leg by the odd doll 26-25. New Club set the next leg with 29 and it was just enough as The Prince fell one doll short in reply with 28. New Club wrapped up the win in the final leg 30-23.
The Gladiators ‘A’ came away from The Swan ‘A’ with a 2-1 win that could have gone either way. The Swan set and won the first leg quite comfortably 26-19. The Glad’s could only set 24 in the second leg but a poor start in reply from The Swan left their anchor man Keith Powell needing all six just to tie the leg. Powell did not disappoint, as he clanged all six off to send the leg to a three stick shoot out. The Glad’s set thirteen which proved to be enough to win the leg and level the game. Gladiators won the all important toss in the final and deciding leg and opted to set. It proved to be the right decision as they set 29 which was too strong for The Swan who replied with 22.
The George ‘A’ are still seeking their first win of the season after crashing to another defeat this time at home to The Three Pigeons. The damage was done in the first two legs which The Pigeons won 28-21, 27-25, but The George stopped the whitewash in the final leg 28-22. Kevin Stuart for The George and Neil Lyon for The Pigs were both top dogs with fourteen dolls (5-5-4), while 89 year old Joe Smith showed he still has something to offer with a dozen dolls (4-5-3).
Garsington Sports ‘A’ at last tasted victory but they were made to fight all the away at home to The Red Lion ‘A’ Yarnton. They won all three legs but they were much closer than the result suggests. Garsington set and won the opening leg by the smallest of margins 21-20. They then won the next leg on three sticks after it was tied 25-25 and then went on to claim maximum points in the final leg 27-22. Billy Trinder was in top form for Garsington with fourteen dolls (5-5-4).
It wasn’t unlucky thirteen for The Woodman’s Ashley Keenan (4-5-4) in their 2-1 win at home to The Swan ‘B’ in the leg scores of 22-21, 26-27, 24-12.

Six Bells ‘E’ Kidlington remain unbeaten in Section 2 after defeating visitors The Black Horse ‘C’ 2-1. John Brown threw well for The Black Horse with thirteen dolls (4-5-4) but it could prevent them from going down 20-17, 18-19, 24-18.
Dave Green bagged a six in his eleven doll haul for The Chequers ‘C’ in their 3-0 win at home to Six Bells ‘D’ Kidlington. In what should have been a close game, Chequers ran out easy winners, 21-10, 24-17, 22-20.
Donnington Club ‘A’ remain rooted at the foot of the table after crashing at home 3-0 to Vikings Sports ‘A’ in the leg scores of 11-16, 16-22, 16-20. Pete Kennett hit a steady 4-4-4 for The Vikings.

In Section 3, Richard Poore was in top form for The Queens Head with a dozen dolls (5-3-4) to inspire them to a maximum win over The Blackbird 18-14, 19-16, 21-19.
New Club crashed to their first loss of the season at The Chequers ‘A’ and playing with one player short cost them dear.. It started off well for the Club men winning the first leg 14-11, but Chequers fought back well to level in the next leg 23-18 and then set and won the deciding leg 16-15.

Six Bells ‘B’ Kidlington made it four wins out of four in Section 4 as they had a straightforward win at Green Road Club ‘B’. They won all three legs 16-10, 16-15, 16-12.
Littlemore British Legion ‘A’ scored nine more dolls than their hosts Masons Arms ‘A’ (59-50) but still manged to lose the game 2-1. The Legion hit a high of 27 in the opening leg to win them the leg but fell away dramatically in the next leg losing it 17-15. They then set 17 in the final leg but The Masons anchor man Ernie Smith clanged off the two dolls needed to snatch the leg by the odd doll with a reply of 18.

In Section 5 The Cricketers Littleworth Mark Cavey hit a rare six and team mate Geoff Roynon hit a dozen dolls (3-5-4) but it was all to no avail as they crashed to their fourth successive defeat at The Cricketers Arms ‘A’ Cowley in the leg scores of 17-15, 11-16, 18-15.

Cricketers ‘B’ Cowley thought they were on their way their first victory of the season in Section 7 after winning the opening leg at Northway Club ‘C’ 13-11 but then went on to lose the next two legs 15-11, 17-14 to leave them still seeking that elusive win.
Red Lion ‘B’ Yarnton inflicted a first defeat for The Black Horse ‘A’. It was a fairly comfortable victory for them as they won all three legs 17-13, 22-14, 19-15 for a maximum win. Richard Byrne roared the loudest for The Red Lion with ten dolls (4-3-3).

Democrats Club ‘B’ lead a four way tie at the top of section 8 after coming away from The Kings Arms with maximum points , 9-7, 10-8, 11-4. Pip McGilvery top scored with eight dolls, (1-5-2).

SIXERS: K.Powell (The Swan ‘A’) B.Ewers (Tiddington Cricket Club) M.Cavey (Cricketers Littleworth) M.Goulding, R.Goodall (New Club ‘A’)
S.Jones (King & Queen) D.Green (Chequers ‘C’)

BLOBBERS: L.Kirkbride (Donnington Club ‘C’) P.Rivers (Democrats Club ‘A’) R.Cook (Green Road Club ‘B’) D.Porter (Cricketers Littleworth)
G.Thomas (Florence Park Club) (S.Bennett (Northway Club ‘A’) D.Pym (Littlemore B.L. ‘B’) P.Gilboy (Headington Con Club)
L.Fenn, J.Riddell (Kings Arms ) R.Elger (Red Lion Cassington)

15: M.Goulding, R.Goodall (New Club ‘A’)
14: N.Lyon (Three Pigeons) K.Stuart (The George ‘A’) W.Trinder (Garsington Sports ‘A’) S.Jones (King & Queen)
13: A.Keenan (The Woodman) J.Brown (Black Horse ‘C’)

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