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Finals night


In a packed hall at The Kassam Stadium Pete Rampton from The Six Bells Kidlington beat Luke Purcell from The George to win the Oxford Singles for the first time. Rampton won the opening leg and was then set three by Purcell in the second leg. Rampton tied that and then went on to win the leg and with it the game on three sticks.

Liam Costar from The Masons Arms had a successful night. He first won the under 18’s final against Tom Finney (The Blackbird) and Kieran Sellar (The Crown) Costar and Sellar winning a leg each and in the third leg Costar set five missing with his last stick, which proved to be enough as Sellar & Finney could not beat it.
Then in the Ted Houghton singles he defeated Dave Simms (The Blackbird) 2-1. Costar set and won the opening leg 2-1. Simms set and won the next leg on three sticks after it was tied 2-2. Simms then set the deciding leg with three, however Costar was up for the challenge and whipped off the four dolls needed to win the leg to be crowned champion.

In the Monty Greenaway fours final the quartet of Barry Townsend, Andy Beal, Chris Jenkins & Kevin Giles from The Gladiators defeated Garsington Sports Club 2-0. After winning the first leg 11-5 Gladiators set a record breaking 20 for finals night for a decade , all four players hitting a five, which was too much for Garsington.

Gladiators made it a double after beating Garsington Sports Club 2-1 in The Greene King Cup. Garsington set the first leg with 22. Gladiators passed that with ease, with Andy Beal hitting the only six of the night. to give them a 1-0 lead. Garsington levelled in the next leg 24-23. The final and deciding leg Garsington set with 20, which was never going to be enough as Gladiators passed that with a player to spare.

The Oxford Pairs between Paul Townsend & Spencer Buckingham (The Woodman) and The Swan pairing of Terry Stuart & Pete Coates was a long close game. The first leg was tied on six, three and one stick before the Woodman pair won it back on six sticks with a set of 6. The Swan pair levelled in the next leg 6-4. The final leg Woodman set seven and in reply Coates started off with a five and Stuart clanged off the three dolls needed to win the leg and game.

The lower Section pairs was between The Cricketers team mates of Gareth Williams and Kenny Keep against Dave Filer and Ken Bradbury, with Williams & Keep winning it 2-1. Leg scores being 4-2, 2-7, 5-3.

The Blackbird easily beat Littlemore British Legion 2-0 in The Jim Whitbread Cup but The Legion got their revenge in the Oxford Fours by defeating The Blackbird 2-1. With game nicely poised at one leg each Blackbird set the final leg with 8. In reply Legion left their anchor man Steve Jessop four to win and he did not disappoint, hitting the winning doll with his last stick.

Pete & Den Sellar (The Crown) won the Parent & Child final for the sixth time after they beat Steve & Elliot Greenough (Garsington Sports) 2-1. Sellar’s won the first leg but the Greenough’s responded well winning the next leg with a set of 9. Sellar’s set and won the final leg 7-6.

Trophies were presented by Oxford Utd Managing Director Greig Turnbull and Greene King representative Rob Pearl.

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