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Week 15

Games played Wednesday 17th August

Kevin Giles was in spectacular form as he clanged off seventeen dolls (6-5-6) to lead The Gladiators A to a 3-0 win at home to The Bullnose A. Consistent team throwing saw them through all three legs 30-25, 30-24, 30-22. Team mate Barry Townsend chipped in with thirteen dolls (4-4-5).
The Swan A produced the highest leg of the season with an outstanding 36 in the opening leg of their game at home to The Woodman in which they won all three legs and stay one point clear at the top of the Premier Section. The Swan took the next two legs 27-22, 28-24. Pete Coates & Jon Townsend both hit a bakers dozen for The Swan while Charlie Buckingham was top dog for The Woodman with fourteen dolls (6-5-3).
Barry Ruffels (5-4-5) and Steve Greenough (5-4-4) gave Garsington Sports A the perfect start as they had a comfortable 3-0 win at home to The Six Bells A, and put them right back in contention for the Section One title. They won all three legs 28-21, 31-27, 29-23.
Section One leaders Yarnton British Legion came unstuck at The Black Prince losing 2-1. A six from Mick Phipps helped the Prince take the opening leg 29-21. Yarnton set the second leg with 24 and in reply anchor man Phipps whipped of the four dolls needed to win the leg by the odd doll with 25. Yarnton grabbed a point in the final leg 27-23. Phipps ended up with fourteen dolls (6-4-4).
Section 2 is still up for grabs after bottom placed New Club B beat leaders The Crown 2-1. Crown got of to a good start winning the first leg 24-23. New Club could only set 21 in the next leg but in reply The Crown struggled and ended up with 17 to leave the game on a knife edge going into the final leg. Crown set but only with 17 which at one time looked like it would be enough but up stepped New Clubs anchor man James Gilding to clang off the four dolls needed to win the leg by one doll and give The New Club an unexpected win.
Mark Revill was in impressive form as he hit sixteen dolls (5-5-6) missing with his last stick in the first two throws,
as The Swan B beat The Queens Head to move level with The Crown. Swan won the first leg 19-11 but The Queens levelled in the next leg 22-21. Swan claiming the win in the final leg 24-17.
The Six Bells A Kidlington turned up and played in Christmas outfits at Donnington Club B and still managed to come away with a 2-1 win. Paul Burton top scored with ten dolls in the leg scores of 19-23, 20-14, 19-21.

The top two clashed in Section 3 and it was Florence Park Club A that triumphed over The Chequers A 2-1. The club men narrowly won the first two legs 18-17, 20-19 before The Chequers avoided the whitewash in the final leg 21-14.
Vikings Sports A kept themselves in the hunt with a 3-0 win over The Chequers C which have practically ruined their chances of the title. Vikings won all three legs 16-9, 15-15, 20-17, the second leg on three sticks.
Masons Arms A remain rooted at the foot of the table despite their first 3-0 win of the season. Playing away at The King & Queen a good team performance saw them win all three legs 19-14, 21-17, 20-17.

The Blackbird have opened up a two point gap in Section 4 after a 3-0 win against Green Road Club A who prop up the section. Blackbird won the first two legs 17-14, 21-16 but had to rely on a three stick shootout in the final leg after it was tied 17-17.
Donnington Club A had a hard fought win over Garsington Sports B which pushed them up into second place and have made it difficult for the Sportsmen in their quest for the title. Donnington set the first leg with 21 and in reply Garsington left their anchor man Len Wing three to win. Unfortunately he blobbed out to give Donnington the leg. Donnington then comfortably won the next leg 22-10 with Garsington grabbing a point in the final leg by the odd doll 20-19. Wayne Grey for Donnington threw well for his thirteen dolls (5-3-5).

Black Swan were crowned champions of Section 5 after beating their nearest rivals Democrats Club A 3-0. After winning the first two legs 17-14, 16-15 they knew one more leg would hand them the title. It was a hard slog in the final leg as it was tied 15-15 and three sticks was also tied. Black Swan securing victory in the one stick shootout. Top doll scorer Eamon Hanlon was in form again hitting a six in his thirteen doll haul (6-4-3).

Section 6 leaders Vikings Sports D lost for only the second time this season as they crashed away to Seacourt Bridge 2-1. It started off well for the leaders as they won the opening leg 17-16 but Seacourt hit back well to take the next two legs 20-17, 20-18.

Only five points separate the top six teams in Section 7 and leaders Northway Club A had a shock as basement boys Marston British Legion beat them 2-1 on their own patch. Damage was done in the first two legs that the Legion won 15-10, 16-14. Northway avoided a humiliating whitewash in the final leg winning it 13-10.
Despite Henry Clarke hitting a six in his dozen dolls (6-4-2) Green Road Club A succumbed to a 2-1 home defeat to Florence Park Club B. The opening leg was tied 16-16 with Florence Park winning it on three sticks.. Green Road levelled in the next leg 15-11, with Florence Park just sneaking the final leg 14-13.

Section 8 pacesetters The Black Horse were halted in their tracks as they lost 2-1 at home to The Catherine Wheel and it could have been a lot worse. Catherine Wheel won the first two legs 14-12, 17-16 but could not make it a maximum win as they lost the last leg on three sticks after it was tied 14-14.
Second place Cricketers Arms couldn’t take advantage as they also lost 2-1 at Northway Club C. Cricketers set the first two legs with 12 & 11 but Northway sailed past them with 16 & 14. Cricketers snatched a point in the final leg 14-11.
Red Lion A Cassington title ambitions hangs by a thread after losing at Kidlington Football Club 2-1. Poor throwing cost The Lion dear as they lost the first leg 13-9, won the next 17-12 but lost the deciding leg 10-6.

SIXERS: K.Giles (2) (Gladiators A) M.Phipps (Black Prince) M.Revill (The Swan B) P.Jackson (Three Horseshoes) E.Hanlon (Black Swan)
H.Clarke (Green Road Club A) G.Glenister, C.Buckingham (The Woodman) T.Gillett (The George A) R.Chalton (Vikings B)

BLOBBERS: S.Green (Chequers C) D.Hopkins (Three Horseshoes) M.Fellows (White Hart A) P.O’Gara (White Hart) S.Jones (White Hart B)
A.Bracey (Headington Con Club) R.Heath (Northway Club C) D.Porter (Cricketers) J.Riddell (Kings Arms)
17: K.Giles (Gladiators A)
16:M.Revill (The Swan B)
14: B.Ruffels (Garsington Sports A) M.Phipps (Black Prince) C.Buckingham (The Woodman)
13: S.Greenough (Garsington Sports A) B.Townsend (Gladiators A) E.Hanlon (Black Swan) P.Coates, J.Townsend (The Swan A)
W.Gray (Donnington Club A)

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