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Week 4

Games played Wednesday 18th May

Andy Lewis almost joined the elite team of the ’18 Maximum group’ after he clanged off sixteen dolls (6-6-4) for The Red Lion A Marston in their clash at The Cricketers Arms in Section 4. Lewis scored with his first sixteen sticks but then missed with his next two, however it was a brilliant effort. Red Lion lost the opening leg 20-19 but came back well to win the next two legs 20-17, 16-14 to record a 2-1 win.
Also in Section 4 Ian Bowler bagged himself a six in his fifteen doll haul (4-6-5) for Littlemore British Legion as they came from behind to beat Masons Arms B 2-1. The Masons started off well winning the opening leg 18-17 but then fell apart in the next two legs losing them 20-8, 15-9.

Premier leaders The Gladiators A just scrapped by with a 3-0 win at The Bullnose Morris. With the flickering lights and occasional rain it was an interesting evening. Bullnose set the first leg with 22, Gladiators matched that thanks to anchor man Keith Weller with his last stick, to send it to three sticks. Again the Bullnose set, this time with ten and once again The Glad’s levelled with Weller hitting the doll with his final stick. Onto a one stick shootout and The Bullnose set three. Gladiators going past that with their first four players hitting the doll.
Onto the second leg where The Gladiators set and won by the odd doll 19-18. The third and final leg Bullnose set with 25, and in reply Weller hit the winning doll with his final stick of the night to snatch it with 26. Dennis Butler for The Glad’s was top dog with thirteen dolls (5-5-3).
Garstington Sports A finally hit form as they came away from The Six Bells A Quarry with maximum points. Barry Ruffels (4-3-6) and Garry Smith (3-6-3) both hit a maximum six for the sportsmen, while James Bennett (3-4-6) did likewise for The Bells in the leg scores of 23-18, 31-25, 27-22.
Kevin Stuart clanged off fourteen dolls (3-5-6) for The George A but it could not prevent defeat against The New Club A. Roger Goodall (5-5-3) and Mark Washington (3-6-4) both hit thirteen for New Club as they won the first two legs 28-23, 29-26, with George winning the final leg 26-23.

In Section 2 Six Bells D Kidlington scored more dolls than their hosts Gladiators B (53-51) but they still lost out 2-1. They won the first leg 19-12 with The Gladiators levelling in the next leg 22-19. The Glad’s then set and won the deciding leg 17-15.
It was a long night between Six Bells A Kidlington and Donnington Club D as the first two legs went to three sticks. Both were tied 19-19 with both sides winning one leg apiece. The final and deciding leg Donnington won with ease 25-18.
Simon King was in top form with a baker’s dozen (3-4-6) for The Swan B in their comfortable 3-0 win at home to The queens Head, 21-18, 27-14, 20-14.

In Section 3 The George B beat Tiddington Cricket Club 3-0, although the game was a lot closer than the result shows. George won the opening leg 13-10 but then had to rely on three stick shoot outs in the next two legs as they were tied 14-14, 15-15. Ron Pleece top scored for The George with eleven dolls (4-2-5).
Masons Arms B are still searching for their first win of the season as they lost out at home to The King & Queen 3-0 who recorded their first win. They won all three legs 17-9, 18-9, 18-16.

Graham Morton was in top form as he clanged off a baker’s dozen (4-5-4) to lead the Six Bells B Quarry to a 2-1 win at The Red Lion B Marston in Section 5. The Lion set and won the first leg by the odd doll 17-16. Six Bells set fourteen in the next leg which the Lion matched, with The Bells winning it on three sticks. Bells wrapped up victory in the final leg 13-9.
Black Swan recorded a 2-1 win at home to Democrats Club A in a close and exciting game. Swan took an early lead in the opening leg 17-14, Democrats fighting back in the next leg 13-12. Final leg Democrats set with thirteen and with Black Swan leaving anchor man Mark Burke one to win he whipped off the winning doll with a stick to spare.

In Section 6 Rose Hill B and Vikings Sports C produced a lengthy game with the last leg taking four efforts to find a winner. Vikings won the first leg 12-11 and Rose Hill Levelled in the next leg 18-9. The deciding leg was tied 11-11 and a three stick and one stick shoot out could not separate them. Back to six sticks and again it was tied, with Rose Hill eventually winning it back on three sticks for the second time.

In Section 8 Cricketers Arms Littleworth just got the better of visitors Northway Club C in a close game. Cricketers set the opening leg with fifteen and in reply Northway’s anchor man Darren Beaven was left five to tie and six to win. He had a good effort but fell just short hitting four dolls and losing the leg by one doll. The next leg was tied 16-16 with The Cricketers winning the leg on three sticks. Northway grabbed a point in the final leg 11-9. Chris Holton hit a fine elven dolls (4-5-2) for The Cricketers.
Kidlington Football Club lost their first game of the season away at Red Lion A Cassington 3-0 in a very close game. Lion won the first leg 11-9 and by the odd doll in the next leg 16-15. They wrapped up maximum points in the final leg again by the odd doll 12-11.

SIXERS: A.Lewis 2 (Red Lion A Marston) J.Bennett (Six Bells A Quarry) B.Ruffels, G.Smith (Garsington Sports A)
I.Bowler (Littlemore B.L.)M.Washington (New Club A) K.Stuart (The George A)

BLOBBERS: A.Blackburn (Seacourt Bridge) M.Coulthard (Florence Park B) R.Heath (Northway Club C) S.Benwell,
S.Price (Corner House)S.John (Original Swan B) H.Humpris (Red Lion B Cassington) P.Eaglestone (Masons Arms B) P.Quarterman, D.Cooper (Headington Con Club)C.Grimes, D.Glancey (Kings Arms) J.Milligan (Vikings Sports C) L.Thelkea (White Hart)

16- A.Lewis (Red Lion A Marston)
15- I.Bowler (Littlemore B.L.)
14- K.Stuart (The George A)
13- B.Ruffels (Garsington Sports A) J.Bennett (Six Bells A Quarry) D.Butler (Gladiators A) G.Morton (Six Bells B Quarry)
S.King (Swan B)T.Nicholls (Six Bells A Kid)R.Goodall, M.Washington (New Club A)

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