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Week 13


Mark Poulter almost joined the elite group of 18 maximum men when he clanged off a brace of sixes in his first two throws for Yarnton British Legion at home to Red Lion ‘A’ Eynsham. However he missed with his fourteenth stick in his last throw but clanged of the next four to end with seventeen dolls. Despite this Red Lion went on to win the game 2-1 in the leg scores of 27-23, 31-30, 22-25.
Six Bells ‘C’ Kidlington seem to be in free fall after losing their third game on the bounce since relinquishing their unbeaten record, this time away at The Gladiators ‘A’. The opening leg went to The Glad’s 30-24 and they then set 27 in the next leg. Five dolls from the Bells anchor man Steve Ward tied the leg, and the three stick shoot out was also tied. Glad’s eventually winning it on one stick. The Six Bells grabbed a point in the final leg 28-23. Dick Walsh was top dog for the leaders with fourteen dolls (4-5-5), while Chris Jenkins hit a bakers dozen (4-4-5) for The Gladiators.
The Three Pigeons failed to take full advantage as they dropped a leg at home to The Cricketers ‘B’. After comfortably winning the first two legs 26-22, 28-19 they lost the last leg 26-28. Kevin Giles (4-6-4) for The Pigeons and Jon Townsend (4-4-6) for The Cricketers threw well.
Rose Hill won their second game of the season after beating The Black Prince on their own patch. Luke Purcell was in top form as he bagged himself a six in his fourteen doll haul (3-5-6) for Rose Hill as they won the first leg 20-19, lost the second 17-23 but won the deciding leg 29-20.
Garsington Sports ‘A’ boosted their Section One title ambitions with a 2-1 win at New Club ‘A’. They lost the first leg on three sticks after it was tied 29-29 and won the next two 28-24, 23-20. Adrian Shepherd clanged off fourteen dolls (6-4-4) for the New Club while Barry Ruffels was top scorer for The Sportsmen with thirteen dolls (2-6-5).

In Section 2 The Woodman inflicted the first defeat for leaders Six Bells Quarry and therefore ending the only undefeated record in the league. The damage was done in the opening two legs as Woodman won them easily 26-18, 28-13. The Bells winning the final leg 24-22. Paul Bennett (5-4-4) for The Woodman and Tony Barrett (4-4-5) For The Six Bells both top scored with thirteen dolls.
Second placed The Ampleforth Arms ‘A’ failed to take advantage as they crashed to basement boys The Griffin who won the first two legs 21-20, 22-20. Ampleforth came back well in the final leg to claim a point 26-21.
Colin Barrett for The Chequers ‘A’ was in devastating form with fifteen dolls (6-4-5) however it could not prevent them going down 3-0 to Red Lion ‘B’ Eynsham in the leg scores of 19-18, 23-19, 25-22.

Bullnose Morris ‘A’ still lead Section 3 after claiming maximum points at home to Kennington Social Club 23-11, 21-13, 21-12.
Second placed The Crown lost ground after a 2-1 home defeat to Tiddington Cricket Club for whom Dick Brownsill was in top form with thirteen dolls (4-5-4). The Cricket club won the first leg 27-23 with Crown levelling in the next leg on three sticks after it was tied 15-15. Tiddington sealing victory in the final leg 22-16.

There was very little to separate The Masons Arms ‘B’ and New Club ‘C’ as they both claimed a leg 17-16 with The Masons winning the deciding third leg 21-18 to keep their Section 4 title ambitions alive.
Queens Head remain two points clear after a easy win at home to Green Road Club who was not helped by Jeff Chandler failing to trouble the doll. Eddie Greenaway hit ten dolls (3-4-3) for the leaders in the leg scores of 17-13, 15-10, 19-11.

It is very tight in Section 6 with only four points separating nine of the ten teams. Ampleforth Arms ‘B’ had a chance to go clear but came away from Red Lion Yarnton empty handed, despite Adam Woodley hitting a six in his ten doll haul. Red Lion winning all three legs 18-12, 13-12, 17-11.

Section 7 leaders Six Bells ‘B’ Kidlington crashed at home to Headington British Legion 2-1. It was all over in the first two legs they lost 16-12, 16-12 before getting a point in the final leg 16-11.
Rose Hill Club ‘B’ move joint top after a 2-1 win over local rivals The Blackbird. They won the opening leg 14-12 and just won the second leg 11-10. They failed to take maximum points in the final leg losing it 14-11. Terry Buckle for The Blackbird top scored with ten dolls (3-4-3).

There were two maximum sixes hit in the Section 8 clash between Littlemore British Legion and Red Lion Old Marston. Littlemore’s Richard Berry (2-6-4) and Red Lions Darren Beavan (2-6-1) claimed them with The Rugby Club winning all three legs 16-9, 22-14, 17-14.

In Section 9 Tony Bull threw well for his dozen dolls (3-4-5) as Florence Park came away from The Kite Inn with a 2-1 win. They quite easily won the first two legs 16-7, 13-8, however The Kite picked themselves up in the final leg to win it 16-12.

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