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Week 1

Alan Goodgame and his team The Six Bells ‘C’ Kidlington were in devastating form in the opening game of the season away at Yarnton British Legion in the Premier /Section One clash.Goodgame missed with his first three sticks but then clanged off the doll fifteen times with his next fifteen sticks to end up with a double sixer (3-6-6). He was well supported by Dick Walsh with fourteen dolls (5-6-3) and Roger Goodall with thirteen dolls (5-3-5) as The Six Bells hit a total of 93 dolls in the leg scores of 32-24, 31-28, 30-25.
Champions Cricketers ‘B’ suffered a rare first game defeat at home to New Club ‘A’. They never got going as they lost the first two legs 22-18, 20-19 but came back well to win the final leg 28-23. Pip Goulding with a six top scored for The Cricketers with a dozen dolls (2-4-6).
Neil Lyon with fifteen dolls (6-5-4) helped The Three Pigeons to a maximum win at home to The Black Prince.They set the opening leg with a massive 33 which The Prince could not get near with a reply of 26. Pigeons won the next leg 29-24 and were then set 25 in the final leg. Anchor Lyon made sure of maximum points by clanging off five dolls to give them the leg 27-25. Team mate Kevin Giles chipped in with fourteen dolls (4-5-5).
Newly promoted to Section One Rose Hill Club ‘A’ started quick of the blocks away at Garsington Sports ‘A’ with an opening leg win of 29-25. They could not keep it up though as Garsington won the next two legs 26-21, 29-21. Steve Greenough (6-4-3) and Martin Ruffels (3-5-5) both hit a bakers dozen for the Sports men.

In Section 2 Daryl Simpson was in fine form as he whipped off fourteen dolls (5-4-5) to steer the Red Lion ‘B’ Eynsham to a 3-0 win at Team Monarch for whom Keith Bull top scored with thirteen dolls (3-4-6). The Lion won all three legs 22-15, 26-22, 28-16.
The dolls were shared 63 apiece in a close contest between Six Bells Quarry and Chequers ‘A’ but it was The Bells who won the game 2-1. Chequers won the first leg by the odd doll 19-18 with the second leg tied 24-24. Bells winning it on three sticks. The final and deciding leg Bells won it after setting by the odd doll 21-20. Phil Hounslow for The Chequers (3-5-5) and Mick Holton for The Bells (4-6-3) were top dogs with thirteen dolls.
Despite scoring more dolls than their opponents, The Woodman lost out to visitors The Three Horseshoes ‘A’ 2-1. They lost the first leg 20-19 and then the second 18-14, however snatched a point in the final leg 22-16.

Despite Ged Cox failing to trouble the doll all night King & Queen ‘A’ still managed to take maximum points at home to Green Road Club in Section 4. Clive Tutton led the way with eleven dolls (5-3-3) as they won all three legs 20-16, 19-13, 17-13.

In Section 5 The George ‘B’ John Brown was in outstanding form as he bagged him self a six in his fourteen doll haul (4-4-6) to inspire his team to a 3-0 win at Donnington Club ‘C’. They comfortably won all thee legs 21-17, 16-15, 20-6.
Newly formed Vikings Sports ‘D’ got their season of to a winning start beating Brill Sports Club ‘A’ 2-1 despite scoring fewer dolls than their opponents. Vikings just won the first two legs by the odd doll 16-15, 18-17 with Brill taking the final leg 17-13.

In Section 8 The Chequers ‘C’ Ben Green hit double figures (3-4-4) to lead them to a 3-0 win at home to Red Lion Marston. They just won the opening leg by one doll 16-15 but then went on ease the next two legs 19-15, 18-11.

Despite Chris Cox clanging off a dozen dolls (4-5-3) The Kite lost away at Red Lion ‘A’ Cassington 2-1 in Section 9.Lion won the first leg 11-9 with The Kite levelling in the next leg 16-11. The deciding leg went to the Lion 13-8.

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