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Finals night report


A packed crowd at Oxford Sports Club saw Philip Adams (Cricketers) take the singles crown for the 12th time after he defeated Kevin Giles (Three Pigeons) 2-1 in a low scoring final. Giles set four in the opening leg, which proved to be enough as Adams fell short. Adams could only set three in the next leg, however Giles could only muster two in reply to send the final into the final leg. Again Giles set but things only got worse as he only clanged off one doll which Adams easily went pass to give him the tilte.

In the Ted Houghton Supplementary singles final Chris Webb (Six Bells ‘B’ Quarry) defeated Brian Reidy (The Priory) 2-1. Webb set and won the opening leg 4-1 but Reidy levelled in the next leg 3-1. The final and deciding leg Webb set three which Reidy matched to send it into a three stick shoot out. Webb set with two which proved to strong for Reidy to give Webb the first of four wins for the night.

The Six Bells ‘B Quarry are winners of the Jim Whitbread Cup after they defeated King & Queen ‘B’ 2-0 and then went on to do the double when they beat King & Queen again in the Oxford fours 2-0.

The Green King Cup went to Premier champions The Cricketers ‘B’ when they beat The Six Bells ‘C’ Kidlington. Cricketers set the opening leg with 28 which proved to strong for The Six Bells, and then set 31 in the next leg with Francis Hillier whipping off a six, which again the Bells could not match.

In the Under 18’s final Liam Costar (Masons Arms) with six dolls defeated holder Elliot Greenough (5) and Josh Breakspear (4) to claim the title in a close contest.

There was very little to choose between the Greenoughs (Garsington Sports) and the Bowlers (Vikings Sports) in the Parent & Child. Ian & Dave Bowler won the opening leg 6-5 with Steve & Craig Greenough levelling the game in the second leg 6-5. The Greenoughs set six in the final leg but the Bowlers passed that by the odd doll to take the leg and title 7-6.

Chris Webb finished of a fine night by winning the Lower pairs on his own when he defeated the Chequers ‘B’ pair of Ben Green and Paul Alder 2-0.

The Cricketers won the Monty Greenaway fours when they beat Rose Hill Club ‘A’ 2- with leg scores of 17-12, 14-13.

Philip Adams & Kevin Baker regained the Oxford Pairs Cup after defeating team mates Barry & Geoff Townsend 2-0 in the leg scores of 8-6, 7-6.


Jim Whitbread Cup Six Bells ‘B’ Quarry 2-0 King & Queen
Parent & Child I.& D.Bowler (Vikings Sports 2-1 C.& S Greenough (Garsington Sports)
Oxford Fours Six Bells ‘B’ Quarry 2-0 King & Queen
Under 18’s L.Costar (Masons Arms) 2-0 E,Greenough (Original Swan) J.Breakspear (Gladiators)
Ted Houghton Singles C.Webb (Six Bells ‘B’ 2-1 B.Reidy (The Priory)
Oxford Singles P.Adams (Cricketers ‘B’ ) 2-1 K.Giles (Three Pigeons)
Lower Section Pairs C.Webb & P.Wilkins (Six Bells ‘B’ Quarry) 2-0 B.Green & P.Alder (Chequers ‘B’)
Oxford Pairs P.Adams & K.Baker (Cricketers ‘B’) 2-0 G.Townsend & B.Townsend (Crickters ‘B’)
Monty Greenaway Fours Cricketers ‘B’ 2-0 Rose Hill Club ‘A’
Greene King Cup Cricketers ‘B’ 2-0 Six Bells ‘C’ Kidlington


K.Baker, F.Hillier (Cricketers ‘B’)

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