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Report Week 14


Steve Greenough joined the elite group of players who have hit the maximum eighteen when he whipped off 6-6-6 for Garsington Sports ‘A’ as they beat visitors The Ampleforth Arms 2-1. Greenough became only the fifteenth player to hit the maximum in the history of the Oxford league, the first being done by Den Sellar back in 1966. Garsington won the opening leg 31-19, however Ampleforth hit back in the next leg to level 30-27. Garsington won the final and deciding leg 32-24. Team mate Ken Maunder chipped in with a bakers dozen 4-4-5.
The Three Pigeons fell just one doll short of hitting a ton of dolls in their 2-1 win against The Gladiators ‘A’. They set and won the first leg 32-26 but The Gladiators stormed back in the next leg to level 35-32 and then set 32 in the final leg. Three Pigeons rose to the challenge and clanged off 35 dolls to win the leg and game. Kevin Giles (5-6-5) and Neil Lyon (5-5-6) both hit sixteen dolls while team mate Pete Dempsey hit fourteen dolls (4-5-5). Dennis Butler top scored for The Glad’s with fifteen dolls (5-6-4).
Cricketers ‘B’ Francis Hillier was in top form as he hit fifteen dolls 5-5-5 to boost their chances of retaining the Premier Section as they beat Red Lion ‘A’ Eynsham 2-1. Cricketers won the first leg 31-23 but Red Lion hit back in the next to level 27-24. Cricketers then had to rely on three sticks in the final leg after it was tied 23-23.

Kevin Stuart kept up his fine form for Rose Hill Club ‘A’ in Section 2 with fourteen dolls (5-3-6) as they took all three points at home to The Black Prince ‘A’. They went one up in the first leg but only just won the next two legs by the odd doll 21-20, 25-24.
Jeff Glenister clanged off thirteen dolls for The Griffin as they came away from The Cowley Workers with a hard fought 2-1 win. With the scores a one apiece The Workers set nineteen in the final leg, which proved to be not quite enough as Griffin hit twenty to take the leg and game.
Clive Proudfoot with thirteen dolls (4-4-5) led the way for Team Monarch as they claimed all three legs at home to The Chequers ‘A’ 28-10, 22-14, 21-14.

Dave Green was in sparkling form as he bagged himself a six in his sixteen doll haul (5-5-6) for The Chequers ‘C’ in their 3-0 win at The King & Queen ‘A’ in Section 3. Chequers cruised to all three legs 16-12, 17-8, 19-12.
Leaders Red Lion ‘B’ Yarnton keep a six point lead thanks to Adrian Lewis (5-5-3) and Mark Poulter (4-6-3) both hitting thirteen dolls as they took maximum points at Headington Con Club ‘A’ 23-14, 24-19, 27-16.
Three Horseshoes stay in second place after they beat Queens Head ‘A’ 3-0. Phil Jackson led the way with thirteen dolls (4-5-4) as they won the opening leg 24-22 but had to rely on three sticks in the next leg after it was tied 19-19. They made sure of all three points in the final leg 22-19.

In Section 4 Six Bells ‘B’ Quarry and Original Swan ‘A’ both scored forty six dolls but it was The Bells who scrapped the win. Swan won the first leg 16-15 but Bells levelled in the next leg on three sticks after it was tied 15-15. Swan set the final leg with 15 and it seemed to be enough after in reply Bells left anchor man Chris Webb needing six to win, and he was up to the task as he clanged off all six to give them victory. Webb top scored with fourteen dolls (5-3-6).
Kevin Masterson starred for Vikings ‘A’ as they came away from New Club ‘B’ with maximum points. He hit his best score of the season with fourteen dolls (4-5-5) as they won all three legs 15-14, 19-15, 16-14.

A dozen dolls including a six (2-4-6) from Jason Harris kept Ampleforth Arms ‘B’ top of Section 7 as they beat Red Lion Old Marston in a comfortable 3-0 win, 15-11, 15-13, 21-8.

Jolly Sportsman came close to winning their first game of the season at home to Donnington Arms in Section 8 but could quite not finish them off. They lost the first leg 11-10 but levelled in the next leg 12-11. Chasing a set of eleven in the final leg they fell two dolls short with nine, to leave them still searching for that first win.
Northway Club threw well to hit a total 58 dolls in their maximum win at home to Florence Park Club. They won all three legs 16-14, 23-12, 19-12 with Pete Radbourne top scoring with ten dolls (3-4-3).

It was a very long night in the Section 9 clash between Red Lion ‘A’ Kidlington and The Crooked Pot as all three legs had to be decided on three sticks. Red Lion triumphed in all of them after they were tied 11-11, 11-11, 15-15.

Section 10 leaders Kennington Club ‘B’ almost came unstuck against visitors The Corner House. After winning the opening leg 14-12 they just scrapped through in the next leg 14-13. Corner House won the last leg 10-9 for whom Neil Butler top scored with ten dolls (4-4-2).
Red Lion ‘C’ Kidlington scored more dolls than their opponents The Cricketers Arms but still lost out 2-1. The first two legs were tied 9-9, 10-10 with The Cricketers winning them both on three sticks. Red Lion grabbed a point in the last leg 12-9.

It was record night all round with sixteen different players hitting a six.

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