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Report Week 4


Alan Holt was in scintillating form as has he banged off sixteen dolls (5-5-6) for The Black Prince in Section 2 but still could not prevent The Six Bells Quarry from winning 2-1 despite scoring more dolls as well. Six Bells won the opening leg 21-17 and then took a 2-0 lead in the next leg, winning it on three sticks after it was tied 25-25. Black Prince grabbed a point in the final leg 24-15. Six Bells Tony Barrett threw well with fifteen dolls (5-4-6).

Eddie Edwards bagged himself his third six of the season with sixteen dolls (5-6-5) as The Three Pigeons hit 97 dolls in their 3-0 defeat over The Red Lion Eynsham in the Premier Section. Pete Dempsey and Paul Townsend also hit a six apiece to see them through 33-23, 35-28, 29-27. Lee Thompson was top dog for The Red Lion with fifteen dolls 5-6-4.
The Cricketers Ivor Clarke became the third person already this season to hit a brace of sixes (2-6-6) as they came from behind to beat The Six Bells ‘C’ Kidlington 2-1. The opening leg went to the Six Bells on a three stick shoot out, with The Cricketers levelling in the next leg 27-21. They then went and set a colossal 38 in the final leg which proved far too strong with the Bells replying with 24.
Steve Bayliss improved as the night went on, starting of with a three and then followed it up with a five and a six but it was all in vain as The Red Lion ‘B’ Kidlington went down at home to The Black Swan 27-29, 26-22, 20-21.

In Section 3 Nigel Collier hit a rare six for Team Monarch and it helped them to a 3-0 victory at home to Masons ‘A’. Steady shooting saw them take all three legs with scores of 20-19, 20-13, 20-19.
The Bullnose Morris ‘A’ player Willy Waite was the main difference between the two teams as he clanged off sixteen dolls (6-5-4) in their 3-0 defeat over Green Club Kidlington. They took maximum points with scores of 21-17, 25-14, 16-15.
The Original Swan beat Rose Hill Club 2-1 in a close game. Swan won the opening leg on three sticks after it was tied 18-18 but lost the next 21-20. Final leg went to the Swan 22-14 for who Craig Beal top scored with fourteen dolls (4-5-5).

It was not unlucky thirteen for Dean Fitzgerald as he hit a bakers dozen (4-4-5) for The Queens Head ‘A’ in their 2-1 win over Donnington Social Club ‘C’ in Section 5. Donnington won the first leg 18-12 but lost the next by the odd doll 15-16. They then won the final and deciding leg 18-10.

It has taken him thirty years of playing but at last Chris Jilbert from The Masons Arms has got himself in the sixer’s column as he clanged of his first ever six in his ten dolls (1-6-3) in Section 6. However they still lost at home to The Red Lion ‘A’ Kidlington2-1. Leg scores being 11-16, 23-14, 13-19.
Only one doll separated The Gladiators ‘B’ and The Quarry Gate (57-56) but it was the club men who came away victorious 2-1. Keith Tanner was top dog for The Glad’s with thirteen dolls (6-4-3) as they won the first leg 22-19, lost the next 16-20 but won the final leg 19-17.

In Section 7 it was the fortunes of both anchor men that decided this game between Red Lion ‘C’ Eynsham and Six Bells ‘D’ Kidlington. In the first leg Six Bells set with thirteen and after a steady reply Red Lion’s anchor man Paul Bunce was left with one to win, unfortunately he failed to trouble the doll which meant the leg was drawn and had to go to three sticks. Luckily for Bunce Red Lion won the three stick shoot out. Red Lion then set the next leg with twelve and this time Six Bells anchor man Steve Ducker was left four to win, which he accomplished with a stick to spare. Deciding leg went to Red Lion 17-12.

Dave Rudman bagged himself a six in his dozen dolls (3-6-3) for Golden Ball ‘A’ but they lost to Six Bells ‘B’ Kidlington 2-1 in Section 8. Leg scores being 12-14, 18-12, 13-15.

Littlemore British Legion just edged out Prince Of Wales Horspath Road in Section 10 in a close encounter. The Legion won the first leg 14-12 and then was set seventeen in the second leg which proved just one doll to much for The Legion who ended up with sixteen. The final leg POW set with fifteen, and after a steady reply they left anchor man Steve Jessup needing three to win and he didn’t disappoint as clanged off the three needed.

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