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Report Week 1

Despite the appalling weather conditions, the worse ever seen for the start of a season, Premier side The Three Pigeons shone through as they just beat The Gladiators 2-1 thanks to Kevin Giles (5-4-4), Eddie Edwards (4-6-3) and Neil Lyon (3-5-5) who all hit a bakers dozen. Gladiators set the opening leg with 23 but Three Pigeons hit 24 thanks to anchor man Lyon who hit the three dolls needed. Gladiators then set the second leg with a formidable 31 and all looked dead and buried for the Three Pigeons as their last two players needed twelve to tie. Eddie Edwards smashed off a six (the only one of the whole night) and Lyon almost came to the rescue again after clanging off his first five he just missed with his last stick allowing The Glad’s to win the leg. Final and deciding leg went to The Pigeons 28-23. Chris Jenkins top scored for The Gladiators with a dozen dolls (4-5-3).
Premier champions The Cricketers got of to a bad start of the season going down 2-1 to The New Club ‘A’ at home. They started of well taking the first leg 19-18 but lost the next two 17-20, 22-30. In a wind swept alley only Philip Adams (4-5-3) for The Cricketers and Adrian Shepherd (2-4-5) New Club hit double figures.

In Section 2 only one doll separated The Woodman and Vikings ‘B’ in each leg but it was The Woodman who came away victorious with all three points. They set all three legs with 17-16-18 and each time The Vikings just fell short by the odd doll.
The Ampleforth Arms scored more dolls then their opponents The Griffin but still lost out 2-1. They easily won the opening leg 20-12 but lost the next two 11-13, 18-19. Gordon Kitchen (2-4-4) and Jeff Glenister (3-2-5) top scored with 10 dolls apiece for The Griffin.

Newcomers to the league The Bullnose Morris got off to a winning start in Section 3 with a 2-1 away win at Team Monarch. Chasing a set of 15 in the first leg anchor man Willy Waite hit the winning doll with his final stick. Team Monarch levelled in the next leg 25-18 with The Bullnose setting the final leg with 20. A good chase by Team Monarch with a four and a five from their last two men Keith Bull and Darren Cox levelled the leg to send it to three sticks, however Bullnose came out on top to win the game 2-1.

In Section 5 it turned out to be a long night between New Club B and North Oxford Con Club as the last two legs went to three sticks. The Con club went into an early lead winning the first leg 13-11 but then lost the next two legs on three sticks after they were tied 14-14, & 15-15.
Ian Gardiner was top dog for The Vikings C with thirteen dolls (5-4-4) as they beat Queens Head B 2-1. Vikings comfortably won the first two legs 17-13, 17-11 but Queens Head snatched a point in the final leg 15-11.

Young James Morrison led the way for The Masons Arms B with a dozen dolls (5-3-4) as they beat The Gladiators B 2-1 in Section 6 19-6, 13-16, 19-13.John Flynn hit eleven dolls (3-3-5) for The Glad’s.
John Cleaton was in top form as he clanged off a dozen dolls (3-5-4) for The King & Queen in their 2-1 victory over Red Lion Wolvercote. King & Queen won the first leg 14-11 lost the next 13-16 but claimed the win in the final leg 15-11.

Any games not played due to the bad weather must be played within 28 days.

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