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Report 4th May

The George & The Cricketers produced a feast of Aunt Sally, containing five sixes and 188 dolls. Cricketers set the opening leg with 26 which The George passed with ease with 32. George then set a titanic score of 36 which was enough to give them a two nil lead in which The Cricketers replied with a respectable 31. Cricketers grabbed a point in the final leg 33-30. Dave Sawyer hit a double sixer in his fifteen dolls (6-6-3) for The George with team mates Kevin Giles (4-4-6) and John Weller (4-5-5) hitting fourteen, while Philip Adams also hit fifteen dolls (4-5-6) for The Cricketers with team mates Pip Goulding (5-4-5) and Kevin Baker (4-6-4) also hitting fourteen dolls.
Eddie Edwards smashed off fifteen dolls (5-4-6) for The Three Pigeons but they still lost 2-1 at home to The Black Swan. The Pigeons set 23 in the opening leg and after a steady start Black Swans anchor man Dave Green was left needing four to win the leg, which he managed with a stick to spare. Black Swan then won the next leg 31-30 with Mark Buckland chipping in with a six. Black Swan then looking for maximum points set 28 in the final leg and this time it was The Pigeons anchor man Neil Lyon who came to the rescue as he whipped of the five dolls needed to tie the leg. Pigeons winning it on three sticks. Martin Green top scored for The Black Swan with fourteen dolls (4-5-5).

In Section 2 it was unlucky thirteen for Squire Bassetts Paul Holt as he clanged off a bakers dozen (5-4-4) but still ended up on the losing side to The Gladiators 2-1. Squire took an early lead winning the opening leg 22-19, they then set 21 in the next leg. Gladiators had an erratic reply early on but anchor man Keith Weller whipped off the three dolls needed to win the leg. Glad’s then won the deciding leg 20-16.
It was not unlucky thirteen for Charlie Buckingham from The Woodman as he bagged himself thirteen dolls (3-4-6) as they beat The Six Bells 3-0. The game was much closer than the score suggests as The Woodman chased a set of 16 they had to rely on anchor man Peter King to knock the three dolls needed to win the leg. Six Bells also set the second leg this time with 18 and once again King came to the rescue as he whipped off the four dolls needed to win the leg by the odd doll. Woodman made sure of maximum points winning the final leg 20-17.

In Section 3 just over a decade ago The Chequers Roger Clements bagged himself a six, it’s been a long time coming but he managed to repeat the feat again away at The Crown. It was a good night for The Chequers as they won all three legs 22-14, 17-17, 21-14.

Jeff Glenister was in fine form as he grabbed himself a six in his haul of thirteen dolls (6-4-3) as The Griffin beat Green Road Club 3-0 in Section 4. Griffin won the first two legs comfortably 24-17, 21-16 but only just scrambled the final leg by the odd doll 21-20. Terry Lester also hit a six for Green Road Club.

Not only was Tony Nicholls able to pick up his bus pass on his 65th birthday he also picked up a six in his fourteen dolls (4-4-6) for The Six Bells ‘A’ Kidlington in Section 5. The game was nicely poised at a leg apiece when The New Club set 14 in the final leg. In the chase Six Bells was only able to muster up ten dolls from their first six players until up stepped Nicholls to clang of his maximum to give The Bells victory.

In Section 6 Michael Crook was in top form for The Nut Tree with a dozen dolls (4-3-5) but it was to no avail as they went down 2-1 at home to The Catherine Wheel, 14-19, 18-18, 13-16.

Despite scoring more dolls than their opponents The Fairview B still lost to The Prince Of Wales 2-1 in Section 9. Fairview easily won the opening leg 17-6 but POW recovered well to level the game 13-11. The final and deciding leg went to POW 14-10.
The Original Swan and The Priory both hit thirty six dolls apiece but it was The Priory who came away victorious. The first two legs were shared 13-12, 13-12 with the final leg tied on 11-11. Priory winning it on three sticks 7-6.

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