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Report Week 6 June 2nd

Three Pigeons inflicted The Cricketers first defeat since June 2008 and gave The Pigeons their first win of the season. After losing last week to The Rowing Machine which gave them their first win of the season, this was a surprise result. Cricketers opened the first leg with a respectful 31 but with a three doll start each leg, lead of man Pete Dempsey got The Pigeons of to the perfect reply with a six. Paul Townsend also banged in a six to give them a colossal total of 39. Pigeons then set 31 in the next leg and despite a six from John Townsend Cricketers anchor man Den Seller was left six to win the leg. Seller did not disappoint as he whipped off all six dolls to win the leg. The final and decisive leg Pigeons set with a possible winning 34. Cricketers anchor man was left six to tie the leg this time but was unable to repeat his feat and just missed out by one doll with five, to give The Three Pigeons an unexpected win and The Cricketers first defeat for two years. Father & Son Dave & Paul Townsend both hit 15 dolls (6-5-4) for The Pigeons While John Townsend (no relation) hit 15 (4-5-6) for The Cricketers.
Pete Coates and Mick Berry both hit 14 dolls 6-3-5 as Red Lion claimed all three points at home to The Rowing Machine. They won all three legs 32-20, 24-21, 33-20.
Section One Gladiators ‘A’ shocked Premier side The George taking maximum points at home 31-27, 28-25, 28-26.Keith Weller top scored for The Glad’s with a dozen dolls 5-3-4.
The Six Bells Kidlington clanged off 91 dolls as they beat The New Club 3-0. Paul Sawyer (6-3-5) and Alan Goodgame (5-4-5) led the way as they won all three legs comfortably 31-23, 27-24, 33-27. Adrian Shepherd was top dog for The Club men with 11 dolls 4-6-1.
In Section 2 Cowley Workers Shamus Hannon bagged himself a six in his dozen dolls as they beat The Woodman 3-0. Team mate Eamon Hanlon also hit a dozen dolls 3-5-4 as they took maximum points 23-16, 21-15, 25-15.
The Red Lion Marston (who will now be playing all their home games at The Six Bells Headington) started of like lightning in the first leg against The Punch Bowl with a set of 28. Punch Bowl fell ten dolls short and also lost the next leg 25-19. They did turn it around in the final leg winning it 23-19. Lion’s Pete Hartnett threw well for his 14 dolls 4-6-4. Punch Bowls David Leopold hit a bakers dozen 5-4-4.
In Section 3 Ronnie Wade from The Red Lion Brill will in scintillating form as he clanged off fifteen dolls 5-5-5 to lead them to a 3-0 win at Kidlington Sports Club. They won all three legs 23-21, 24-18, 23-15.
Only three dolls separated The Cricketers A Littleworth and The King & Queen in Section 4 but despite the closeness of dolls King & Queen took all three points. The first leg was tied 22-22, which King & Queen won on three sticks, they then won the next leg by the odd doll 18-17 and finally the last leg 24-22.
In Section 5 it was not unlucky thirteen for Ampleforth’s Mark Washington as they beat The Fairview Inn 3-0. They won all three legs 20-16, 25-17, 26-10. Fairview’s Glyn Millard hit a six while Ampleforths Jeff Cox claimed a dozen dolls 4-5-3.
Vikings ‘C’ scored one more doll than their hosts The Nelson ‘A’ in Section 7 but still lost out 2-1. Nelson won the opening leg 17-15 but Vikings fought back to level the match in the second leg 17-14. Nelson then set 17 in the final and deciding leg. After a slow reply Vikings got back into their stride and it was left to anchor man Ian Gardiner to whip of the four dolls needed to take it to a three stick shoot out, which The Nelson won 9-8. Peter Wells top scored for Vikings with 11 dolls 3-5-3.
In Section 8 very little separated The Cricketers A Cowley and Donnington Arms as two legs went to three sticks. Cricketers won the first leg by the odd doll 11-10. They then won the next leg on three sticks 7-6 after the leg was tied 11-11. The final leg also went to three sticks after it was tied 15-15 with The Donnington Arms winning it 8-7.
Jimmy Crawford clanged off a six for The Golden Ball against The Black Horse in Section 9 but it was all in vain as they lost out 2-1, 12-9, 11-10, 13-15.
The Chequers ‘B’ Tim Davies hit his first ever maximum six as they took all three legs at home to The Blackbird. The legs scores were closer than the result suggested, 18-14, 13-12, 16-14.
In Section 11 John Lucin whipped of all six dolls in the second leg for The Black Swan ‘B’ but they still lost out 2-1 to The Kings Arms Wheatley. Lucin ended up with 14 dolls 3-6-5 but his team lost out 20-10, 16-10, 5-17.

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