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Report Week 5 May 26th

New Club almost inflicted the first defeat of The Cricketers since 2008 but just fell short. Young Luke Purcell led the way with thirteen dolls 5-5-3 as New Club took advantage of the six doll start. The first two legs were tied 31-31 with the Cricketers taking them both on three sticks by the odd doll. New Club grabbed a point in the final leg 30-24. Philip Adams was top dog for The Cricketers with 15 dolls 5-6-4.
Peter Bailey threw well for The Chequers with 14 dolls 4-5-5 but it was all in vain as The Six Bells won 2-1.Losing the opening two legs 26-22, 24-23 Chequers came back well in the final leg winning it 30-28.
Dave Townsend 3-6-4 and Neil Lyon 5-4-4 both hit thirteen dolls for The Three Pigeons but they are still without a win this season as they lost out to The Rowing Machine 2-1. They lost the first leg 28-25 levelled in the next 28-22 but lost the deciding leg 26-24.
Garsington Sports move to level top in Section One with a 3-0 win at The Gladiators. Ken Maunder led the way with 14 dolls 4-4-6 as they took all three legs 23-18, 26-25, 29-23.
Thirteen dolls from Kevin Giles 3-4-6 and Steve Walton 4-4-5 saw the George beat The Red Lion 2-1. George won the first leg 28-22 but Red Lion roared back in the next leg 30-25. George set an impressive 29 in the final leg which proved to strong for The Lion falling five dolls short with 25.

In Section 3 Democrats Dan Thompson was in fantastic form as he banged off 14 dolls 6-4-4 to guide them to a 2-1 win over Green Road Club. Billy Hill chipped in with 11 dolls in the 20-18, 16-17, 17-15 leg scores.

King & Queen defeated Cowley Con Club 3-0 in Section 4 but it could have been a lot closer. They won the first leg 20-14 and then set the second leg, but they could only muster four dolls from their first four players. Luckily the tail wagged with the last four players hitting thirteen dolls with Stuart Fitchett hitting a six giving a total of 18 which won them the leg. They took maximum points in the final leg 21-11.
North Oxford Con Club set in the first two legs against Team Monarch and took full advantage as they won them both 13-10, 19-17. Team Monarch set the final leg with 20 but The Con Club’s anchor man Mick Rowe whipped of the three dolls needed to win the leg by the odd doll and take maximum points. Darren Cox top scored with 11 dolls for Team Monarch.

In Section 5 Fairview started off like lightning as they won the opening leg against Vikings ‘A’ 25-16. They fizzled out in the next two legs losing them both 19-17, 19-17. Fairview’s Arthur Yardy hit a dozen dolls 4-5-3.
With The Whitmore Arms Dave Strivens struggling to hit the doll all night, Red Lion Garsington took full advantage. They set 17 in the opening leg but a fine four dolls from Whitmore’s anchor man Malcolm Skuce sent the leg into a three stick shoot out. The Lion won that and then the next two legs 18-16, 18-12.
The clash of the two Red Lions in Section 6 saw the Kidlington team just get better over Islip lads. Kidlington lost the first leg 15-9 but just won the next two legs by the odd doll 11-10, 11-10.
Vikings Sports Club ‘C’ set in all three legs against White Hart Eynsham in Section 7 and it just about proved right. They won the initial leg 15-12 and then set 11 in the next. White Hart were on target but anchor man Jamie Hodges failed to trouble the doll and they fell one doll short. Hodges made up for it in the final leg by hitting the one doll needed after chasing a set of 11, to win the leg 12-11.
Andy Cox with eleven dolls 4-4-3 led the way for Ashton Club as they defeated Duke Of Monmouth 2-1. Winning the opening two legs 12-11, 19-12 they slipped up in the final leg losing it 19-13.
Rose Hill’s Arthur Bowers bagged himself double figures with ten dolls 3-2-5 as the beat The Chequers at home 2-1 in Section 9. They won the first leg 13-9 and set in the second leg, but with their first four men not even troubling the doll they ended up with a set of 5. Chequers had no problem passing this to level the game. Chequers then set ten in the deciding leg but Rose hill came storming back with a chase of 17 to win the leg and game.

In his fifth game and after seventy two sticks The Green Ox’s Flick Merauld at long last hit his first doll of the season, but followed it up with two more blobs in Section 11. Eight Bells won the game 3-0 with scores of 7-7, 10-8, 12-3.

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